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Uplifting the Simultaneous Joy of Father’s Day and Juneteenth

Black Liberation in America

FLORIDA– As a Southern state, Florida declares its Emancipation Day as May 20th, 1865 just two years after President Abraham Lincoln declared African American slaves free in the United States. On June 19, 1965 in Galveston, Texas, enslaved African Americans received federal confirmation of their freedom; hence where “Juneteenth” originated. Since then, the adoption of black liberation, celebratory festivals, and display of black art traveled throughout the country. Nearly 156 years later, Juneteenth is now recognized as a federal holiday in America and even observed in other countries around the world. The Senior Political Advisor of Florida Rising, Dwight Bullard, shares the following statement:

“Today we celebrate both Father’s Day and Juneteenth, two holidays that Black Americans haven’t been able to uplift simultaneously.  I’m reminded that Black joy is revolutionary. The freedom to express ourselves as ourselves is too often frowned upon. There are some Black fathers whose freedom was taken and upheld by an unjust system, but there are others who are defying the narrative and stigma this country has deemed as a part of our identity. Although there has been much progress for the Black community, the freedom that we have is not guaranteed but rather fought for! The Florida right wing leadership has reminded us that all the gains made by our ancestors can be stripped away if we’re not diligent in protecting them with our time, money, and VOTE!

Florida Rising will continue fighting for the liberation of Black communities at the local and state level as we push for Justice on Every Block until the midterm elections in November. Today we express simultaneous joy for Black fathers and the Black culture that built this country. Together we rise!”

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