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Clean Air on Every Block in South Florida

Zero Waste Means No More Poisons in Our Neighborhoods

Burning trash in incinerators stinks. It’s toxic. It poisons the air we breathe. It doesn’t solve our waste problem. Florida has more incinerators than any other state in the nation.

The Clean Air South Florida Campaign is organizing to shut down facilities that poison our lungs. We aim to collaborate with local governments to transition to “zero waste” solutions that prevent waste pollution.

Without Zero Waste, Floridians are Exposed to:

Health Problems

Pollution from Incinerators causes respiratory problems, lung and skin cancer, kidney disease, and increased risk of miscarriage.

Toxic Pollution

Incinerators release lead, heavy metals, particulate matters and 6.4x more toxic mercury than even coal-fired power-plants.


9 out of 10 incinerators are located within 3 miles of Florida’s Black, Brown, and low-income communities

Read the Clean Air on Every Block Vision for a Zero Waste Future in Miami-Dade as a model for all Counties across the State. Its recommendations provide a plan that ultimately reduces waste, minimizes the impact on the environment and human health, and phases out unacceptable waste management practices like incineration.

*The Clean Air on Every Block campaign started in 2019 with Florida Rising members who suffered the health and quality of life impacts of the Covanta-operated incinerator and surrounding landfills in Doral. Beginning with that site, the campaign now aims to end toxic trash burning statewide and to support local governments making the urgent and long-term transition to zero waste to address the problem at its core