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Because we are the new
majority, together we rise

We build independent political power that centers historically marginalized communities so everyday Floridians shape the future.

Who We Are

We organize multi-racial movements to win elections, change laws, and create a state where everyone can be safe, happy, healthy and whole.

We’re a people-powered organization made up of members advancing economic and racial justice across Florida. Every individual has power but we have more power together.


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Organizing is the heart of all we do.

Membership is ownership of our collective work.

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We activate communities to take action.

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Our members are experts in their lives.

Every individual has power, and we have more power together.

What We Do


For a government that works for all of us

Our communities won’t be stopped by barriers, voter suppression, or attempts to take away our vote. We educate, register, and mobilize voters as one key way of holding politicians accountable and making our voices heard.


For the planet and the people on it

We want a regenerative future and a just transition that puts frontline communities at the center of energy policy, disaster response, food policy, and all climate change initiatives.


For a safe place to rest our heads and raise our families

Housing is a human right not a profit tool for greedy landlords. We fight for safe affordable homes, rent control, and development that doesn’t displace us.


For the freedom of our bodies and recognition of our full existence

We fight back against policies and practices that seek to control and restrict women and femmes’ bodies and the resources that serve us.


For investing in our communities, not policing them

A prison and police-only approach does the opposite of creating real safety in our communities. We work to end mass incarceration, defend immigrants, and eliminate laws that take away the vote from people with felony convictions.

Become a Member

Change is better when you’re a part of making it happen. Learn how to organize alongside friends, neighbors, and others across the state and guide the future of Florida Rising.