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Orange County Commissioners Pass Historic Vote on Rent Stabilization Ballot Initiative

Rent Stabilization Progresses to November Ballot

ORLANDO- The Florida For All coalition celebrates today as the Orange County Commissioners side with residents and take an important step in giving their constituents the power to decide their future in the County. By voting to place Rent Stabilization on the ballot in November, it shows that our commissioners are willing to take a brave stance in the face of corporate greed and address the housing state of emergency for tenants in Orange County. Residents have called ‘The City Beautiful’ home for generations and now have a chance at keeping their family inheritance in tack. Sheena Rolle, Senior Director of Strategy, for Florida Rising made the following statement:

“Today’s advancement to victory are the efforts of impacted renters, union workers, clergy, and community organizers who knocked doors and mobilized over the last year. Today, we celebrate the County Commissioners hearing and siding with the voters who placed them into office. We’re extremely grateful for Commissioners Bonilla, Cordero, Wilson, and Uribe for their leadership to champion this ordinance. As a coalition, we look forward to collaborating with the County Commissioners for better ways to use the $200 million dollars in unspent federal funds for housing that provide real solutions to the housing crisis without further subsidizing price gouging. Today,’s vote symbolized people over profit for the tenants of Orange County.”

Business owner and community advocate Kristell Miles stated, “During the pandemic, I did my part to pay my rent. Now I’m facing a 30% increase and held accountable for a problem I didn’t cause. Rent stabilization is not a long-term solution, but it gives us time to work that out.” 

Over the next few months, Florida For All will continue the work educating residents on the benefits of Rent Stabilization and passing it in the County. We will also work with residents and the Orange County Commissioners on moving forward a comprehensive Tenants Bill of Rights and push commissioners to include a landlord registry, an Office of Tenant Advocacy, and a 60-day eviction notice, amongst other needs. The fate of Rent Stabilization is where it should be: in the hands of voters in November and we are proud that Orange County has become the first municipality to place Rent Stabilization on the ballot for its constituents.