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Together we can keep private medical decisions about abortion between patients and their doctors.

Be a “Yes on 4” Voter this November

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We have a public health crisis in Florida that our communities can fix when we vote this November.

Regardless of our race, class, or zip code, we all have a right to make our personal medical decisions with our doctors.

Florida politicians passed a law to ban anyone from getting an abortion after six weeks. That’s before most people even realize they are pregnant. The law has exceptions for rape and incest but only with official documentation. And that’s not all: they’re trying to go even further. 

Politicians in our state are proposing laws that would ban all abortions and put access to common fertility treatments like IVF at risk.


We call roll back the 6 week ban and its dangerous consequences:

Defend Our Freedoms:

Every Floridian should have the human right to be able to make decisions about our own bodies. The same Florida politicians pushing these bans are also attacking our right to vote, to protest, or even secure affordable housing. 

Protect Black Maternal Health:

Black patients already face 3 times the maternal mortality risk as white women. The health risks associated with carrying a pregnancy to term are far higher compared to those associated with abortion. Black patients and their doctors should have all the medical tools available to them, including abortion, without fear of prosecution for violating bans.

Stop Criminalization:

A report from National Advocates for Pregnant Women and Fordham University documented that even though Black women are less than 8% of the US population, they were 52% of pregnant women arrested over the past fifty year for reasons related to pregnancy since 1973. If we don’t reverse the six week ban, then it is people of color who are more likely to face criminal charges for seeking out abortions, even if it’s a medical procedure due to miscarriage.

By voting yes on Amendment 4 this November, Florida voters have an opportunity to keep the government out of our exam rooms and make sure Florida families and the doctors who treat them can make the decisions that are right for them.

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