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Every Floridian Deserves a Say in Our State

If you recently returned from prison, submit your request to receive your guide to verifying your voter eligibility before the next election.

Every Floridian Deserves a Say in Our State

If you recently returned from prison, submit your request to receive your guide to verifying your voter eligibility before the next election.

Floridians want criminal justice reform. Ron DeSantis keeps removing criminal justice reformers.

Every Floridian deserves a say in our state.  However, the Governor has repeatedly removed people we democratically elected from their posts for one reason: they are criminal justice reformers.

Every four years, we have the opportunity to elect the person who controls criminal justice policy, the State Attorneys in our County.  2024 is one of those years.

Families and neighbors are registering to vote and confirming their status to make sure our State Attorney chooses policies that keep families together instead of having prisons tear them apart.

The guide to verifying voter eligibility will walk you through the steps to get your voter status from the State of Florida.

“I am the Criminal Justice Campaigner for Florida Rising. I am a returning citizen fighting for the right to live, work and thrive. However, the Governor of Florida continues to block our voices. Fighting for criminal systems reform with Florida Rising has allowed me to continue to fight for my rights and others in my situation. We will continue to fight for our rights and we won’t give up until we get the opportunities for a better life and prosperity, and our right to cast our votes.”
Patricia Fleurinord
Criminal Justice Campaigner

States Attorneys Are Key to How Criminal Justice Helps or Hurts Our Communities

Monique Worrel

Orange & Osceola County, State Attorney

Removed from office by Governor DeSantis  August 9, 2023

Monique Worrell was elected with 66% of the vote in 2020 to represent the Orange and Osceola County district on a platform focused on police accountability, and juvenile justice.1 Once in office, she created several diversion programs and committed to only pursue charges if the evidence proved the charges beyond a reasonable doubt.2

Andrew Warren

Hillsborough County State Attorney

Removed from office by Governor DeSantis August 4, 2022

Andrew Warren was elected twice by Hillsborough County voters. While in office, he committed not to pursue criminal charges against abortion patients and doctors after Roe v. Wade was struck down.3 In 2018, Warren established a conviction review unit that led to the exoneration of Robert DuBoise who was unjustly imprisoned for 37 years.


Harold Pryor

Broward County 

Current State Attorney

Under the leadership of Broward State Attorney Harold Pryor, the Broward Conviction Review Unit exonerated Leonard Cure of a 2003 conviction for which he was sentenced to life in prison and served 16 years. Pryor also championed a state claims bill which granted Mr. Cure $817,000 in compensation for his wrongful conviction and imprisonment.4

Stronger Together

This year, Florida Rising and a coalition of civil rights organizations across the state introduced the Harry T. and Harriette V. Moore Voting Rights Act in the Florida State Legislature which included a provision to simplify the process of verifying voter eligibility. 150 Florida Rising members and staff went to Tallahassee to introduce the bill.


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*Florida Rising is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to building a state where we can all be healthy, happy, and whole.