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Legislative Session

Florida rising legislative agenda

During the 2022 Legislative Session, we will call on our elected representatives to act in the best interest of their constituents, not corporations, by supporting policies that end discrimination, inequity, and systemic poverty.

In 2022, our bills demand that Florida:

climate justice

Make meaningful changes to move Florida toward climate justice:

→ Repeal clean energy preemption statutes

•Local communities need the power to make healthy decisions for themselves. Black and Brown communities are at the front lines of finding solutions to protect the Earth, yet they are the first to feel climate change impacts.

→Permit Solar Power Purchase Agreements for non-energy companies

• Florida Power and Light, the largest energy provider in the state, generates billions in profit each year.

• All people need access to clean, affordable energy.

→ Require new Affordable Housing construction to use solar power

• Less than 3% of Florida’s power comes from solar.

→ Protect Indigenous Land from becoming dumping grounds or oil and gas drilling sites

• Indigenous communities are at the front lines of protecting the Earth, yet are exploited as Sacrifice Zones where dumping and drilling pollute reservations.


Expand Democracy and make it accessible to all regardless of disability or wealth:

→ Budget for the online registration system to be updated, improved, and made accessible

•People with disabilities are discriminated against by making vote-by-mail hard to access.

•Outdated, inefficient, ableist, and racially biased registration systems are a means of suppressing votes and need to be changed

•Hurricane season often interferes with registration deadlines.

→Require ballots mailed on Election Day to be counted in official results

•The State of Florida does not count mail-in ballots sent on Election Day, even though Election Day is nationally acknowledged as the voting deadline.

→Budget for postage provided on vote-by-mail ballots

• Some counties don’t include postage on mail-in ballots, amounting to a poll tax, and they need state funds to make sure this is included in their elections budget.

housing justice

Give Black and Brown Communities Housing Justice:

→Provide tenant access to courts by removing back payment statute

•Renters have to pay any rent owed in full to the court registry before fighting an eviction, even if the landlord has been negligent or has retaliated.

→Mandate eviction expungement

• Florida has one of the fastest eviction processes in the country, giving renters little time to react, challenge the eviction, or find a new home.

→ Require Local Right to Counsel for eviction cases

• 75% of tenants without legal representation lose their eviction case.

• 86% of NYC tenants who had representation were able to remain in their homes.

• 90% of landlords have legal representation, only 10% of tenants do.

→ Create an automatic eviction moratorium during a state of emergency

• Hurricanes, Covid-19, and other disasters have made the inequity in housing clear; communities exploited for profit need protection.


Reform racially biased and oppressive criminal systems that lock people in a cycle of poverty:

→ Protect Returning Citizens from housing, employment, and healthcare discrimination

•Returning citizens are discriminated against at every turn. They continue to suffer high rates of homelessness, unemployment, and mental illness.

→Prohibit the hire of law enforcement officers who have been fired for misconduct or brutality

• Police officers who are fired for brutality or misconduct are then hired by other police agencies throughout the state or the country.

• A new Florida law requires law enforcement officer applicants to disclose if they were investigated for misconduct. This is a good first step, but does not prohibit hiring someone who committed acts of brutality.

Vinn yon manm

Li pi bon lè ou patisipe pou mennen chanjman. Vinn aprann mobilize ak zanmi, vwazen ak lòt moun ankò a travè eta a, epi gide avni Florida Rising. Enskri tèt ou la.

gender and reproductive justice

Honor Black and Brown women in our communities by protecting Reproductive Justice:

→ Protect tenants who are pregnant from eviction

•Evictions during pregnancy cause higher infant death rates, lower birth weight, and premature labor.

→Give tenants with children three months to relocate after an eviction is filed

• Black and Brown women are hardest hit by evictions because they are often the caretakers and matriarchs in our communities.