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Download the renter’s guide to Dos and Don'ts before renting, during a lease, & at the end of your lease to make sure your landlord is not breaking the law.

Staying in our homes means supporting each other. Staying in our homes requires knowing our rights.

Bad landlords are raising rent, ignoring repairs, and threatening eviction across the state of Florida. It is time we evict bad landlords.

If you’re worried about making rent, have repairs that are going ignored, or think your landlord isn’t treating you fairly.  There’s help. 

Landlords can’t legally evict you without following the process outlined in Florida statutes. And even then, every renter has rights and steps you can take to protect yourself and stay in your home. Download the guide and join us to stop landlord bullying.

Florida Rising believes housing should be treated as a human right, not a luxury for those who can afford it. When neighbors come together, we can make a difference. 

“Since moving into our 1,100-square-foot apartment in Orange County in Central Florida two years ago, our monthly rent has risen from $1800 to $2590 — and what was once a safe haven has now become a financial burden, forcing us to downsize significantly just to keep a roof over our heads. Frankly, we don’t have a choice. Together, we can and will create a future where the right to a safe and secure home is a reality for all.” ”

In 2022, members like Jessy Correa came together to demand action to manage skyrocketing rent and poor rental conditions. That campaign passed the state’s first ever one-year rent stabilization ballot measure and one of the strongest Tenant Bill of Rights5 in the state, which included the creation of the Office of Tenant Services. Our opponents, corporate landlords and their lobbyists slowed our progress but we have an opportunity to take advantage of laws already on the books to hold our landlords accountable.

The Average Floridian Can’t Afford Florida Any More.

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of renters in Florida were burdened by housing costs – one of the highest rates in the nation.1


low-income households in Florida pay more than 40% of income for rent.2

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How much the average renter in Florida earns an hour ($42,744 annually) – more than $12,000 less than what is needed to be able to afford a rental home.3

Staying in our homes means supporting each other. Staying in our homes requires knowing our rights.

*Florida Rising is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to building a state where we can all be healthy, happy, and whole.