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2022 Legislative Update: Get Angry, Get Even, Get Involved

Instead of voting to lower rent, tackling the climate emergency, or creating good job opportunities, Republicans in Tallahassee voted for greedy businesses to make even more money, to control our bodies, and to attack teachers and kids.

2022 Florida Legislature Recap:

The "Stop Learning Act" allows anyone who feels uncomfortable because of talk about race, ethnicity, or gender to sue their school or employer.

HB 7: Governor Ron DeSantis made it clear that he wants to erase the Black from Black history, prevent students from learning about racism, and create workplaces unprepared for diversity.

Giving Even More Money to the Utility Company Raising Your Rates. Less Money for Solar.

HB 741: FPL literally wrote a bill and bought their way to seeing it passed. Now they’ll get MORE money and people trying to create clean energy will get less.

The "Don't Say Gay" bill literally bans lessons that include the existence of LGBTQ identity in school.

HB 1557: The government censorship bill limits students and teachers from discussing anything LGBTQ-related in elementary school lessons, including if a student has LGBTQ parents, family, favorite actors, or heroes in history.

Controlling Floridians' Bodies and Attacking Reproductive Justice

HB 5: Instead of passing protections for pregnant mothers facing eviction, Florida Republicans passed a ban on abortion after 15 weeks with no exception for rape or incest.

Blocking Immigrant Children from Being Reunited with Families

SB 1808: Prevents migrant children from being transported to Florida to be reunited with family members who care for them.

They Gave the Governor a Private Police Force to Reduce the Number of People Who Can Vote in Florida

SB 524: Requires the state to regularly unregister certain voters, makes it harder to help each other cast a ballot and creates a voter intimidation police force that reports directly to Governor DeSantis.

The "Ending Local Freedoms" Bill gives corporations the power to Sue Local Governments to Increase their Profits

SB 620: The Republicans just made it so greedy companies can take a city to court over any pro-worker or pro-renter legislation if the company thinks a city or county law has negatively impacted their profits by 15% or more.

They Blocked the Jobs Bill to Continue to Discriminate Against Returning Citizens

HB 1259: Proposed giving returning citizens who are getting back to work the ability to get their professional license.  

The GOP gutted it and blocked it from passing.

Get Involved

We might not have the money but when we get together we have the power to make legislators listen. 

Everyone is up for election this Fall and our neighborhoods are getting organized to elect people who will represent us and create a fairer Florida.

The next step to building a Florida for all of us is at the next People’s Assembly

6:00PM - 8:00PM ET
Tuesday March 29th
Join the Statewide People's Assembly

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