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Orange County Commissioners Pass Historic Vote on Rent Stabilization Ballot Initiative

Rent Stabilization Progresses to November Ballot ORLANDO- The Florida For All coalition celebrates today as the Orange County Commissioners side with residents and take an important step in giving their constituents the power to decide their future in the County. By voting to place Rent Stabilization on the ballot in November, it shows that our commissioners are willing […]

Florida Rising Urges Senators Rubio and Scott to Vote YES on Respect for Marriage Act

“In the wake of overturning Roe v. Wade, many of us are living in fear of losing our basic human rights. Our bodies, our marriages, our families and our very right to be who we are is under direct attack. 

Currently, We are presented with a unique opportunity to codify marriage equality once and for all. We urge our Senators to vote “Yes” on the Respect for Marriage Act…

Florida Rising Announces First Round of 2022 Midterm Endorsements

Florida Rising Announces First Round of Statewide Endorsements Ahead of 2022 Primaries and Midterms Florida Rising Supports 66 Statewide Candidates within 12 Counties After the merger of New Florida Majority and Organize Florida in January of 2021, the new statewide organization, Florida Rising, is announcing its first of several rounds of endorsements in the 2022 […]

The Latino community in search of answers after a mass shooting that destroyed 21 families in Uvalde, Texas

The Latino community in search of answers after a mass shooting that destroyed 21 families in Uvalde, TexasFLORIDA–In response to the mass shootings that took place in Uvalde, Texas, at Robb Elementary School, Florida Rising’s Executive Director, Andrea Mercado, issued the following statement:“Lawmakers who have rejected common-sense gun control measures tirelessly recite the same litany: ‘our […]

Uplifting the Simultaneous Joy of Father’s Day and Juneteenth

As a Southern state, Florida declares its Emancipation Day as May 20th, 1865 just two years after President Abraham Lincoln declared African American slaves free in the United States. On June 19, 1965 in Galveston, Texas, enslaved African Americans received federal confirmation of their freedom; hence where “Juneteenth” originated. Since then, the adoption of black liberation, celebratory festivals, and display of black art traveled throughout the country


Florida Rising has been intentional and strategic in putting folks who identify as LGBTQ+ at the forefront of our mission and to ensure that we are able to truly live as our true and authentic selves. We are fired up and resilient in continuing the fight for equitable rights and are hopeful that Florida will one day be a beacon of light and a place of safety for all marginalized communities, despite the harsh bills that were recently passed and signed into law by Governor Ron DeSantis.

Communities of color mourn the lives lost after multiple mass shootings across America

FLORIDA–In response to the mass shootings that took place over the weekend, Florida Rising’s Senior Director of Advocacy and Programs, Moné Holder, issued the following statement: “Communities of color around the nation are mourning the lives lost this past weekend in tragic acts of gun violence. A white supremacist gunman opened fire at a grocery store […]