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As Polls Close, Florida Voters Gear Up to Make November Election About the Issues

Cost of Housing, Quality Education, Reproductive Rights and the Governor’s Attack on Them All to Define Midterms

Florida – As polls across the state close in Florida’s primary elections, voters and civic engagement groups are pledging to help their neighbors get registered and get out to vote to bring down the cost of housing, demand quality education instead of the Governor’s book banning and censorship in schools, defend their reproductive rights, and elect candidates aiming to improve the lives of Floridians instead of aiming solely to advance their careers.

Andrea Mercado, Executive Director of Florida Rising, remarked:

“What DeSantis sees as his path to the White House is going to be his path out of the governorship.  Floridians don’t want an overreaching extremist who is trying to turn our state into one-man rule.  Floridians want a Florida for all of us and a Florida that we can afford and Ron DeSantis has given us the opposite.   

If DeSantis and the GOP took care of Floridians the way they took care of greedy corporations, they wouldn’t have to make it harder for us to cast ballots to hold on to their power.

In every County across the state, Floridians have the option of voting for candidates up and down the ballot who will look out for them or for someone who is looking out for their own career.  The choice is obvious, and we’re going to be mobilizing more than we ever have before to vote for justice on every block and a Florida for all of us in November.”

In the lead-up to election day, Florida Rising endorsed 80 candidates in 16 Counties. Along with partner organizations such as Florida for All contacted thousands of new, infrequent, and previous voters.

At heart in the general election, organizers say, will be the housing emergency caused by skyrocketing rent in most Florida cities, the corporate corruption and utility rate hikes of companies such as FPL, and the culture wars and overreaching authoritarian maneuvers the Governor has made to erase voter power, especially that of African-Americans, and stoke division as a distraction from his political ambitions and corporate giveaways in the state.

Florida Rising organizes multiracial movements to win elections and change laws, and create a state where everyone can be safe, happy, and whole. For more information, visit www.floridarising.org or on our social media @FLRising on Twitter and Instagram.