2023 Legislative Agenda

Give Black and Brown Communities Housing Justice

Address skyrocketing housing costs:

Create a security deposit cap on what a landlord can charge to new tenants.

  • Florida was recently ranked the least affordable state in the US. We are in an out of control rental market with no ability for local governments to stabilize prices, and security deposits with no cap or payment plan. 
  • Allowing new tenants to pay down a security deposit over several months would get them shelter faster.
  • Excessive security deposits are mostly found in low income Black and Brown communities.

Protect our families’ health and homes with Reproductive Justice:

Give pregnant tenants and tenants with children (under 18) 90 days to relocate after eviction.

  • Evictions during pregnancy cause higher infant death rates, lower birth weight, and premature labor.
  • Mothers who are evicted are more likely to report poor health for themselves and their children, an effect that remains two years after the eviction.
  • Chicago Journal of Community Health found in a 2020 study that
    • Households with children were at far greater risk for eviction.
    • Having children made families more vulnerable to eviction than race or gender.
    • Poor housing conditions are related to poor health outcomes.
  • Black and brown families are more likely to experience eviction, dangerously low infant birth rates, and higher infant mortality rates.

Protect and Expand Democracy

Make it simple and accessible for every eligible voter to register:

Make registration eligibility clear and do not penalize organizations that help to register voters.

  • In recent Legislative Sessions, SB 90 and SB 524 have increased fines on non-profit organizations trying to help people who are interested in registering to vote.
  • Returning Citizens are unsure of their eligibility status and risk arrest, even though it is the state’s job to verify eligibility.
  • Florida’s Registration website frequently shuts down, unable to handle the quantity of traffic, especially when there is an upcoming voter registration deadline.

Fight for Climate Justice in low-income, Black and Brown communities:

We can't breathe.

Improve the Florida Department of Environmental Protection’s ability to monitor air quality, and restrict particulate matter near residential areas.

  • Florida is currently the country’s waste incineration capital, with 10 facilities combusting over 4 million tons in 2020.
  • Poor Department of Environmental Protection data and non-functional air quality monitors means air quality is worsening
  • Low-income, Black and Brown communities are at higher risk of premature death from inhalation of particulate matter (particles in the air caused by air pollution)
  • Solid waste incinerators and cane burning stink, pollute the air, and are placed close to historically marginalized communities, where there is a higher rate of asthma, respiratory illness, and breathing problems.

Undo years of racial discrimination in Florida’s Criminal Justice System through sentencing reform:

Remove sentencing enhancements and allow for retroactive application of new sentencing guidelines and points reduction.

    • 17% of Florida citizens are Black, while the Florida Department of Corrections reports that 47% people in state prison are Black.
    • Florida has the largest racial disparity in long prison sentences in the US.
    • Florida sentencing “enhancements” mean low-level offenses can still mean life in prison.